School is in session at Great Lakes Science Center

Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC) in Cleveland, Ohio, is proud to develop and facilitate the NCRR/SEPA-funded BioMedTech: Students Translating and Exploring Medicine (BMT: STEM) program.

Each day, a group of scientifically-minded students comes to the Great Lakes Science Center and spends their school day creating, exploring and discovering! This unique school setting brings scientific education to life.


The STEM High School is a project-based learning environment.  As students become innovators, logical thinkers, inventors, and strong communicators, they experience GLSC exhibits, films and programming that turn scientific theory into reality.

The STEM High School furthers the Great Lakes Science Center and the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s mission to help people of all ages achieve and maintain greater science literary in order to sustain and improve the quality of life in Greater Cleveland, the Great Lakes region, and beyond.

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