Putting your needs first

We believe that incorporating the perspectives of community research and community engagement into our project planning and evaluation will enhance the effectiveness of the proposed project.

  • Content will focus on the health issues of greatest relevance to the community.
  • Content will incorporate community norms and values.
  • Evaluation will be more valid and reliable through in-depth and honest feedback from the community.
  • Education components will have a greater impact.
  • Community trust = higher community participation.

Project planning and community involvement:

  • Youth and Community Advisory Committees
  • Community Forums

Project Evaluation and Community Involvement

The evaluation will focus on the key target audiences identified by the project and the specific components targeted for each. The key audiences and the broad objectives evaluated for each are as follows:

MC2STEM High School interns:


  • Knowledge of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular research
  • Career knowledge and interests
  • Career skills: communication, task completion, ability to work with others

Students, Families & Adults

      • Knowledge of diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular research
      • Use of exhibits, Mobile Explorer carts, and project website


Formative and summative evaluation reports will soon be available as downloadable PDFs from this website.