CTSC Partnership

Sharing scientific study with everyone

The Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC) is the Cleveland-based branch of a national consortium of research institutions working together to facilitate and transform scientific study relating to human health.

CTSC Partnership

Ideas and Resources into Results:

Involving the basic and behavioral sciences, health advocacy, and clinical practice, CTSC brings together the scientific community with an informed and engaged public, to achieve the shared goal of improved health.

Growing the Research Enterprise:

This promising new model will develop practitioners and core competencies in the discipline of clinical and translational science, and put their research findings to use in clinical practice.

Spreading the Story:

The CTSC encourages and enables collaborative participation in this research enterprise through communications, education, advocacy, clinical practice, shared ideas and resources, and pilot funding.

Already, Northeast Ohio researchers are seeing expedited success in their studies, and patients are benefiting.

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