Discover Biomedical Research!

Welcome to BioMedTech: Students Translating and Exploring Medicine (BMT: STEM) at Great Lakes Science Center! BMT: STEM is an exciting educational program that introduces students and visitors to the wealth of biomedical research activities occurring at top medical institutions in northeast Ohio. Explore how different approaches to research, including laboratory, clinical, community and population methods, help to find the connections between diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease.


  • Students will develop scientific research, education, and communication skills focusing on diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease;
  • Students will translate biomedical research experiences into educational resources  at Great Lakes Science Center and in the community, under the mentorship of CTSC researchers and GLSC Visitor and Student Engagement Staff;
  • Programming will improve public understanding of the types of research necessary to understand the links between obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease; and
  • Development of a model of SEPA-CTSC partnership that engages the community in all phases of project planning and evaluation.


Great Lakes Science Center, in partnership with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine’s Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC), provides opportunities for biomedical research and communication internships.

What will BMT: STEM Communicate to the Community?

  • The growing public health issues associated with rapidly increasing rates of diabetes and obesity (which are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease), especially among minority children and youth;
  • The importance of biomedical and health research to the regional economy; and
  • The need to support STEM education in northeast Ohio in order to develop the highly professional biomedical workforce needed for the Cleveland Health and Technology Corridor.

This project will engage high school students in learning about the latest biomedical research developments with the Cleveland CTSC.